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Classes begin 23rd February 2024


A 45 minute class helping children relax and unwind through playful yoga poses. Helping to

quieten the mind, improve concentration, increase confidence, let go of fears,

build strength and improve posture.

A Parent or Carer are  required to join the sessions.

5-7 years old / Fridays 4 - 4.45pm

7-11 years old / Fridays 4.45 - 5.30pm

Quaker House Hampstead NW3 - Term Time Weekly Classes

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We live in a busy world where children of all ages can be over stimulated with many

demands made of them. As children struggle to keep up with this fast pace, often they

are exposed to daily stresses. Yoga can be a powerful tool helping slow and quieten the

mind, providing time to listen and connect with themselves in a safe, nurturing

environment. This in turn can help lift worries, help concentration, improve learning,

build self trust and confidence, freeing them to explore without judgement.


Through playful poses we also gently build strength and improve posture.


A Parent or Carer are required to join the sessions and enjoy the practice

themselves, while connecting with their little one and relaxing together.


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